Back in September 2008 I wrote a series of blog posts that focused on some of the ways we limit self confidence in ourselves.

I thought I would read through them, update them and add them to the confidence building handbook.

The 10 ways we limit self confidence blog posts will appear one after another over the next 10 days.

In the past when I wrote blog posts I spent more time talking about “what YOU needed to do to change your life.” Now when I write I like to include a personal story of how I overcame something or what I had to do to make a technique work for me.

I will also include stories of how a life coaching client used a particular technique (with their permission of course and changing their name).

I really want to teach self confidence through story telling so what I have done in the update is include a story at the end of the “teaching” part of the blog post.

On each day and within each blog post you will find a question to answer.

It will help you to think about the information covered on that day. If you have a journal I want to encourage you to write the question out and really think about it.

When I started building my own self confidence I didn’t spend enough time thinking about the factors that may be limiting me or stopping me from moving forward.

I stopped and started a lot on my journey because of things that would be in the way.

Stuff like thinking I wasn’t good enough would always make an appearance at different times in my life. Until I was able to acknowledge it’s hold on me I didn’t understand it was stopping me.

That’s the great thing about working through your limits – once you know they are limits they stop being so.

Below is a look at the ten things I will cover as blog posts over the coming days.  You can click the link to read each one (if there is no link then it hasn’t been published yet)

You limit self confidence when you….

01. Indulge in negative thinking

02. Accept mediocrity

03. Don’t set goals

04. Believe in failure

05. Think people won’t like you (sabotage success)

06. Lack support

07. Waste precious life on regrets

08. Lack self worth and believe you are not good enough

09. Are impatient with the process

10. Lack vision and focus

BONUS : Being assertive builds self confidence

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment after each one because I will happily provide an insight or suggestion for you. It may end up as more than 10 if I think of any more – we shall see.

For now I see them as the 10 ways to limit self confidence that you need to know about because if you are engaging in any of them hopefully this will inspire you to end it now.

For anyone who chooses to tweet and like my posts using the buttons below and/or leave a comment for me I thank you ten times over…. and even if you read it and don’t share it I thank you too 🙂

Information without implementation is useless so take a step to make a change.

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