We all need a little prompting at times and you may find that as you sit to write in your journal you can’t think about what to focus on, which is why I have created these 11 journal writing prompts for beginners. Of course if you are a regular journal writer who needs a spark of inspiration I hope they help you too but my main aim is to get the non-journal writers, writing.

11 journal writing prompts

  1. Write out 11 things you want me to know about you. We have just met and you have less than 5 minutes to tell me about you (think speed dating!) what do you want me to know?
  2. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? What made you say it? How did it make you feel? Who was the lucky receiver? How much do they mean to you?
  3. Find a childhood photo. Write about what was going on the day that photo was taken and how you felt about it. Can you remember what was going on? If not ask a family member who was there.
  4. Get out in nature. Find a spot and just sit down. Parks are usually great for doing this. Watch as people / animals come and go. Write about your experience. How did you feel being out in nature? What thoughts were going through your head? What observations did you make?
  5. Find a current photograph. One taken less than a month ago if possible and write about the day it was taken.
  6. Get yourself a stop watch. Sit at your desk and write in your journal for 10 minutes without stopping. Whatever comes into your head at the time. You are not allowed to stop or go over what you are writing. Just keep writing. If you get stuck write “waiting for inspiration so I can carry on writing” – just keep writing that until something else comes to mind. The key here is to write continuously.
  7. Yesterday you took part in free writing. How did that go? Read it over today and see if there are any insights or anything worth expanding on or writing about today. If not just write about the process. Did you give yourself freedom to write? Did you stop yourself or feel stressed out at having to write continuously?
  8. Find a photo from your teenage years. Write about who is in the photo with you (if applicable), the day the photo was taken. Where you were and who you were with.
  9. Get any coloring pencils, paints, stencils or whatever art accessories you have and use them to cover a whole page full of color. You do not have to draw anything. Just go ahead and add color all over the page. If you don’t have coloring pencils just use a pencil and a pen or highlighters. Whatever you have available.
  10. On day one you wrote out 11 facts about you that you wanted me to know. Take one of those facts and expand on it. Remember to focus your attention on your feelings any thoughts you want to share.
  11. Today is day 11 and I want you to write about how you felt as you went through this process. What particular insights did you gain from doing it? Do you think this is enough to ensure you continue writing in your journal?

I hope those 11 journal writing prompts have been some help to you. They contain prompts for self-discovery, creative art journaling, nature journaling and writing personal history/memoir writing. It will help provide variety if you use different techniques in your journal but if you find one you like then stick with it and keep writing. At any point if you need some inspiration you can always use a different prompt.

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