We have a different set of values here in the 21st century. Years ago if a stray cat gave birth to kittens mother was responsible for keeping her babies alive.

Now, we are animal people, and if a stray pregnant cat creeps into your shed in the dead of night to give birth those kittens depend on us “animal people” of the 21st century to help keep them alive.

We found a box, filled it with some old carpet, put an old blanket on that and got hold of a very thin cat blanket from a local shop.

The one towards the back with the black face (in the top photo) is very protective. They are two weeks old now and he will spit and hiss if you come too close to his family… bless him…

I have no idea what will become of them and eventually I guess I will have to find them homes. The cat shelters locally in Luton (where I live) are filled to the brim with stray cats and kittens. They will not come out to them unless I leave them to starve and look half dead. Right now their mother is fed, which means they get fed too.

If I place them in a rubbish bag and dump them in a bin a cat shelter will take them in. For now these cats are saved by a  21st Century cat lover, thanks to the weakness we have for animals and the affection I have for cats. Good thing I am not a dog person 🙂

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