I’ve been tagged by Jack Humphrey. And when a man that you admire tags you then you pay attention!

So here is how this works……

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So here 25 random and personal things about me

1.  I love all films with Samuel L Jackson or John Travolta in them (except snakes on the plane)

2.  I have more ideas in my head than I can cope with and it drives me mad!

3.  2009 is about more groups and less doing things alone so now I am in a church, and part of a team at blog success as Membership Manager.

4.  I love football (soccer) and would love to be involved with a women’s team (as a supporter not player!!!)

5.  I love drumming – African drumming, Indian Drumming (and the Dohl Foundation), Chinese drumming… any kind of drum beat!

6.  I want to visit Dominica in the Caribbean this year. My parents are from the Nature Island and my last visit was in 1979

7. My dream this year is to get my book published and in book shops! Its called Discovering Greatness Experiencing Joy and if you are a publisher I need one!

8.  I love dancing. Salsa, belly, African…. the only thing I haven’t tried (yet) is pole dancing

9.  I really enjoy eating junk food and have to watch what I eat.

10.  Cake and custard is also my favorite… any kind of pie too… apple, cherry…. love it! Hot and sweet 🙂

11.  Focusing on creating more information products and running offline workshops is my goal for 2009

12.  My other main site focuses on blogging, podcasts and membership sites and I want to help more niches get started – especially churches and charities.

13.  My daughter Robyn is a teen bloggerand by the time she leaves home to go to uni (college) in the next 18-20 months I want her income to be generated through her blog and not from waiting tables.

14. My two sons love football (soccer) too and all 3 of us support different London teams – which is great for when one of them lose!

15.  I have given myself until 2012 to achieve my goal of earning £15,000 ($30,000) or more from this blog and I know that the training available in Blog Success will help me get there.

16.  I was a fan of exercising and Jane Fonda, then Billy Blanks and Tae Bo but more recently the only exercise I get is through walking.

17.  I want inspirational guidance to become one of the best places for personal development resources on the net

18.  I love peace and quiet, spending time alone and doing absolutely nothing.

19.  2008 was about downsizing and I feel so much better with less to do and more time for myself. I just need to keep it that way.

20.  Being 40 plus is great and there’s something quite freeing about speaking your mind and not caring (at last) plus the older I get the more attention I get!

21.  I don’t consider myself religious because I am not a fan of religion and the rules. I love the upliftment that comes from singing in church and listening to a sermon but any “hell and damnation” stuff and I switch off.

22.  Faith, prayer and God are all things everyone can become a part of without religion and that’s what I will get across in my writing.

23.  I don’t watch the news or read it either so sometimes major events happen and it could be days or weeks before I find out!

24.  I have learnt that working towards a goal doesn’t always happen as quickly as I may want but that is never a reason to give up but to keep moving foward.

25. Love in and of everything I do and with everyone I know is important to me.


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