When I began the journey of changing my life from shy to confident it was sometimes difficult to leave the old me behind and I found there were 3 obstacles to self confidence that could have easily kept me living my old ways.

Negativity – I would constantly go back to thinking badly about myself of believing I wasn’t capable

Judgement – I judge others and of course I judged myself. It really stops you living life to the full when you are so concerned with what other people are doing with their own life or if you are afraid of what other people will be saying about you.

Worry/Fear – Both are confidence killers and will stop you from doing anything in life. They rob you of joy as you constantly fret about what might happen – living life with “what if…” really is no fun.

So what did I have to do to overcome these obstacles?

I had to focus on what I was aiming to do which was build my confidence. I had to remind myself of all the times when life was miserable because I was being negative, judging myself or worrying about something and I also had to remember times when I enjoyed being me and feeling confident.

Those were my 3 obstacles to building self confidence and I got through them one day at time, sometimes I would slip back into being the negative me and once I became conscious of what I was doing I stopped and went back to focusing on being more positive as a way to raise my confidence.


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