On your journey towards self-confidence it is important to remember that at times you may need some extra support in the shape of books, DVDs, audios etc to help you learn more about yourself and to learn the techniques that will support your personal growth.

There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to self-educate and below are three powerful ones:

1. You need to give yourself time to overcome all your fears, doubts and limits around being more confident. Taking the time to read and write a journal will help you overcome your deepest darkest fears. Attending seminars and workshops are great and once they are over you are pretty much on your own. Spending time reading and listening to audios at home/ in the office is a great way to reinforce what you learn.

2. It is great to have a teacher or a mentor but no one really knows you like you do. They can use their expertise to help draw out of you what they think is wrong but through self-education you can really get to know yourself deeper and quicker.

3. You never stop learning about yourself. We are like layers and our self-confidence will most likely have been eroded over time. As you continue to read personal development books you will find you learn more about why you do some of the things that you do and your self-education confidence grows.

Finding Online Personal Growth Resources

Your self-education doesn’t have to come from information you buy. You can also focus on information on blogs, online journals and news sites, free eBooks and products available.

Podcasts and radio internet shows – there are a ton of different ways for you to continue your self-education using online resources. They will all play at part in helping you move towards self-confidence.

I am still learning new things about myself and actively taking part in self-education. Just last week I realized that I live my life in need of security.

The money I need, the man I need in my life – all these things are to help me feel ‘safe’ but the true basis of the world is that nothing is really secure, things change all the time. I could walk out of my house, buy a lottery ticket, win, and my life instantly changes overnight!

Or someone could wake up and find that their partner has left them, suddenly their life changes dramatically. Nothing in life is actually 100% security except that at some point life here on earth will end. Of that I am completely secure 🙂

I have now accepted that learning to embrace the insecurity of life is a much more fun way to live.

It is also freeing and provides a sense of relief because there isn’t ever anything to worry about.

Thanks to self-education via some books I have been reading that were written in 1920 I am now living life with more freedom and peace of mind than I had last week!

Self-educate Yourself Towards Self-Confidence and success

Self-education is important. What is also important is taking the time to read (or listen/watch) and re-read, then re-read another 10 times anything you buy.

You may not always learn everything you need to in the first read. A little like watching a film for the second or third time and seeing new parts in it or hearing words that you didn’t hear before.

Repetition is key to success.

When self-educating yourself it is much better to have a handful of books that you read and re-read over and over than to just continually buy one product after another and never really getting to reading or implementing anything you learn.


Always remember that information without implementation is worthless so take the time to not only read your material but to actively use it in your life. If you do that I promise you that you will quickly move towards self-confidence and feel its power oozing out of you every day.

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