I went to Crawley today to speak at an event and on the way home waiting for the bus 3 guys approached me and one of them asked me for 0.50p

He told me this story about him being 17, out of care, no family, no money and no food so I gave him £2 and he went off to Sam’s Chicken and bought food. I was glad to see he didn’t spend it on alcohol!

They got back to the bus stop and I had to ask him… why did he ask me for money. A six foot black woman with dreadlocks…. how did he not know that I wouldn’t cuss him out.

I asked because I always get people asking me for money. I always get stopped by those people on the streets wanting to sign people up to donate to charity (even when 50 people walked past they stop me!) and in Morocco people walk past the group I was with and walked straight up to me to ask for money…. do I look like that much of a soft touch LOL (don’t answer that!)

He said I looked kind. All his friends said it at the same time. He thought I looked like a social worker – good God, what woman in her 40s wants to look like a social worker LOL

They were great young people and I hope this young man realises one day that his past doesn’t have to determine his future.


P.S. The title is a play on 3 weddings and a funeral…. just in case anyone is in need of an explanation!

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