Since joining my Facebook juicing group last month I have been inspired by the number of people transforming their health thanks to juicing.

I have decided that I have spent enough time “hanging out” in the group.

It is time to take action. I have planned a 90 day juicing and water fast in the hope I complete 30 days.

Keeping self-saboteur happy

My logic may not make sense but it’s just how my brain works. I have to make sure the self-saboteur in me doesn’t win.

If I set out to catch a ball 20 times, I will drop it after 18. If I set out to walk 20 miles, I will stop at 12 miles.

This is not me being too hard on myself. Just accepting facts and working with what I have – I know as soon as I commit to doing this online I am going to want to eat cake. 🙂

So, I figured out how to make it easier on myself. I will commit to 90 days so that 30 days doesn’t seem so bad. It feels achievable.

Next week I am off on a training bootcamp for 5 days so goodness knows how that will work. I am hoping as there will be no food around and I can’t “pop to the shop” it could be easier for me. It will be hard to resist the buffet breakfast though.

No expectations

I know it’s a little like letting myself off the hook or not being strict enough but willpower and telling myself I must do something just doesn’t work so there is no point.

This is the new zen me. I’ll give it a go and see how far I get, type of attitude.

How this will work

I have never ever juiced for 24 hours and I have been juicing since 2014.

I tend to juice all day and eat one very healthy meal in the evening. This time it will be a large green salad or some fruit. Something very light.

Around 12th March I want to undertake a water fast. Five days of just water and by that point I also want to do my best to eat nothing at all. Just drink water.

Water Fasting

I have been watching videos since January about water fasting and here are two great ones


That was an amazing result for this guy.

The second video below

This guy lost 38lbs in 15 lbs and as he said water fasting is NOT about weight loss or fat loss but about REMOVING INFLAMMATION.

I believe my difficulty in losing weight is down to inflammation. My poor 51 year old body is just bunged up with stuff.

I also believed that giving my body a rest will help heal myself of any potential illness that may be lying dormant and waiting to hit me.

He recommends starting a fast on a Thursday because it’s close to the weekend and by the time you feel really bad on days 3 and 4 you are at home.

He also recommends the last 5 minutes of a shower should be really, really cold water and in February I am not sure if I am up for that at all.

I have been preparing myself since January with 24 hour fasts and eating less so hopefully I won’t feel it as much but my brain will be my biggest problem.

Dealing with my thoughts

It is my mind that always messes with me when I am not eating. It becomes obsessed about the fact that I have not eaten anything, as if I will die of hunger after 24 hours.

Luckily, as I have been fasting that has helped a little but eating includes preparing food and all of that time will now be spare.

No preparing food, cooking food and eating food. My mind is about to go crazy.

I hope to keep myself active but I haven’t planned anything specific – which may be a mistake.

My Current weight

Although this is about reducing the inflammation in my body I am of course hoping to see some movement on the scales. I don’t want to obsess about it so will weigh myself after three weeks on 22nd March.

Current weight is 18 stones 13 lbs (265 lbs)

Back in 2014-2016 I went from 22 stones 2lbs (312 lbs) to 17 stones 2 lbs (242 lbs)

Then I bounced from 17 stones 2lbs to 17 stones 10lbs for at least a year, up and down, up and down. I stopped exercising regularly around late 2016 and here I am. Nearly 2 stones (23lbs) heavier and ready to do something about it.

Starting today

I will be drinking 1 gallon (4 liters) of green juice and water today and every day and like I said around the 12th I will switch to water only.

To keep me focused I think I will blog about this daily.

Wish me luck.

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