When we really want something in life – a dream or a goal –  it can be hard to accept what’s so. It can be hard to accept that everything you have in your life right now is fine. But I have found that the simple act of accepting what’s so helps me in getting what I want!

Release the “expectancy” and the “need” and allow universal support to attract to you that which you so desire.

But this post is about “accepting what’s so” and what I really want to do is point out the pitfalls you may get yourself into when doing that.

It can be hard to accept “I am a drug addict and a theif” or “I am 300 pounds over weight” or “I owe £30k in gambling debts” and in doing so here are two things you may do, but you won’t now that you are reading this :0) :

The first is you will use “accepting what’s so” as a way to beat yourself up (Oh! I’m so hopeless or Oh! How could I have gotten myself into this mess) that
kind of rubbish doesn’t help so stop it! Give that up now. You are
where you are, accept that.

This is very important because it is easy to be hard on yourself and it solves nothing. I totally gave up useless self-defeating emotions like guilt, and self pity about 18 months ago and life has been great since. You free up precious life energy that you were using on those emotions and use them in helpng you to create a fantastic life instead.

It was a process though, something I worked towards over years, but it is better to start now than to never start at all.

Just promise yourself that whenever you feel guilt, self-pity or whatever you do to keep yourself small creeping up on you, you will stop, acknowledge it is there (accepting what’s so remember!) and then CHOOSE something else for yourself.

Choose to be brave, positive, passionate, forgiving, happy, joy-filled, self-expressed, whatever it is that you feel is what you need. Choose that instead.

The second thing you may use “accepting what’s so” for is as an excuse to develop apathy (Oh!
What’s the point? Why bother? Is there really any need?). There is a point! The point is when you accept where
you are at you can work towards doing something about it and figuring out where you want to be.

This is a great place to be in, the place of “accepting what’s so” because when you know what’s so then it provides an opening to create “what will be” or even better “what is”. It is more powerful to create something for yourself and believe it is there for you right now, but if you have trouble with that concept, or you can’t believe “I am rich” when your present cirumstances show evidence to the contrary then start with “what will be”.

Create what you want for yourself in your future and keep it positive, as much as possible keep it in the present tense. I am, I have.

Also give thanks, show gratitude for what’s so, because it has provided you with a great lesson, something you can learn about yourself. Use those lessons in the future, avoid making the same mistake twice!

Accepting what’s so is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, and the art of giving thanks, of gratitude is one of the biggest gifts you can give to the universe. When the two come together creating what you want becomes possible.

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