I can’t sleep because I have been completely freaked out by a dream that has left me so scared I cant close my eyes and go back to sleep so I thought either I talk it out or write it out.

Its 3.30am so talking to anyone is out of the question because as much as they love me my friends would KILL me if I rang them now and my partner isn’t well so  I don’t want to call him either.

So the dream….. I’m at different venues. I don’t recognise any of the venues. The first place is a large football stadium and there is a man with a strong upper body and only thighs for legs.

He crawls along the ground, finds someone, jumps on their shoulders and wraps his legs and arms around their face and suffocates them.  As people are being suffocated they make this sound of desperation as they panic and fight for air.

Everyone runs away and after the stadium I got into a four poster bed that was in a tree with a friend. We drew the curtain round the bed but I was worried that we wouldn’t see the killer coming so left my friend in there and carried on running.

The next place was an office and this time I had my youngest son with me. As I arrived everyone looked scared so I knew the man was already there killing people and I couldn’t understand why everyone just sat there and didn’t run.

I made my son disappear somehow and decided there was no way he was staying in this dream!  I went into another part of the building and started sending a txt. As I stood there the killer came in and dragged himself right past me and jumped on the shoulders of a woman who was in the room I was standing next to.

The noise of desperation she made was really, really loud and scary.  I ran up some stairs and heard her making that awful noise as she desperately fought for her life (the noise was really loud).

That one was too close for comfort because he had literally dragged himself right past me to kill this other woman so I decided to wake myself up (I remember the whole dream was in colour and very bright). Since waking up I havent been able to get back to sleep, so here I am at 3.45am now on the internet writing it out!

So if you think you can help me work out the meaning of the dream let me know….. I learnt about two deaths yesterday that were sudden and one completely unexpected (she was hit by a car) and I just wonder if it is because both deaths touched me.

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