When it comes to being human I always find that it is funny how easy we think it is to resist our own destiny rather than go for it!

This was something I had said to a friend during our phone conversation and I was talking about my on again off again journey with stepping forward to have my book published and to begin spreading the word of how joyful life can become when we take the time to discover the greatness within and develop a relationship with God (or Source if you prefer).

I was one of the most stubborn advocates of resisting my own destiny by continually moving away from my life purpose to do work that I decided was best for me and not thinking about God’s plan for my life.  It never worked though because once you are destined to do something the energy of it will never leave you no matter how much you resist.

If you always had a passion for being a musician and you decided instead to do the ‘sensible’ thing and get a job that desire to play music will never leave you, especially if it was something you were destined to do.

From the moment my business came to life in 2000 and then I found my souls purpose of discovering greatness my calling has been to share this with the world but I resisted at first.  My main resistance was the limiting things I told myself about ‘not being someone people would listen to’ and ‘not being good enough’ to make it happen.

The resistance has come from not knowing how to share it, what to do, not wanting to be out there talking about it. The insecure child in me that doesn’t like being looked at and doesn’t want to do it and yet there is a greater part of me that keeps getting called back.

This is in my blood and I truly believe it is what God has planned for me.

Now that I am committed to introducing what I know to the world God has revealed His plan to me about where I need to go next, which has excited and scared me all at the same time.  The only thing left to do is to create the intention to make this happen for myself because without that I will remain where I am.

If you think about the moment you decide to bake a cake or wash your car that is your intention being set, just as I have set the intention to write my book, however if you just sit on the sofa and watch television then the cake will not be baked and the car will remain dirty.  It is not only the intention you have for what you want in your life that matters but also the action you are going to take to bring it into reality.  Focused action on your goal.

If you say you want to bake a cake and then get the ingredients out to make meatloaf because you just saw an advert for it on TV then you lose your focus. So it is not just any old action that is needed, and it is also not action that results in your intention not taking place. It is focused action based on what you say you want for yourself and/or your life.

If you have always had a desire to do something that has never gone away I encourage you to think about whether that desire is actual part of your destiny and whether it is still waiting to be fulfilled. T

hen set your intentions and go for it. Both your destiny and your intentions are powerful things. What you are destined to achieve and what you consciously intend to bring into your life through your thoughts will always appear when you take focused action and never give up so intend great things for yourself.

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