Once you have identified what stops you from asking for what you want and you begin the process of actually asking people it’s important you keep the flow going.

Repetition works because you are doing the same thing over and over again which helps you to form a new habit so once you have asked once go ahead and do it again… and quickly!

The more you ask, the more you feel able to ask and the better you get at it.

You may not always be direct and just ask for something… at first when you begin asking you may find yourself giving long winded reasons, excuses, maybe you might even beg a little 🙂 but eventually you will come to a place where you open your mouth and just ask….

“I need to work late on Friday so can you arrange to pick the children up from school please?”

Rather than rushing about trying to fit in working late and having to pick the children up, being unsure whether you will make it in time and leaving the little cherubs standing at school waiting for you…. you simply ask your partner to take the time needed to pick them up instead.

It’s easy for most of us as women to shoulder the responsibility for having to do everything and juggle all the balls in the air but it’s far more powerful to just ask for help and not put yourself under as much pressure.

Once you manage to ask for help in the school run department why not try the next level… what would you love to ask for that you normally wouldn’t?

Try asking your partner for a night of romance and love making. If it’s not normally something you do just go ahead and ask them if they would like to join you for a night of sensual pleasure… who would say no to that!



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