Author: Diane Corriette

Eating 5-A-day is easier now

I once read that the problem with our diet (lifestyle) is not in the fact that we don’t eat enough protein, or that we are not getting our share of healthy fats but that we don’t eat enough fiber. Our real problem is the lack of fiber in our diets. So, when the concept of 5-a-day first came about in the UK I was horrified because at the time I ate a piece of fruit or two a week and the same vegetables over and over. The worst part was I had passed down this habit to my children....

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Mimi Kirk

Mimi Kirks (born September 1938) is 77 years old and has been a vegetarian and vegan for the best part of 40 years. She vibrates health and wellness (she has been voted ‘sexist vegetarian over 50‘) and promotes a raw food diet. Something I love to eat but only in the summer right now. I am in transition for sure… Mimi work involves promoting health and longevity through a plant-based raw food diet. She is a raw food chef, lecturer and best selling author. You only have to find videos and images of Mimi to see that she really...

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Favorite green juice

I have been making my favorite green juice today. It is a fairly simple recipe and very light on the ‘green’ taste. Plus it is economical because you get a lot of juice out of the vegetables. One of the downsides of juicing carrots is you need a lot of carrots to make a little juice. Using ingredients like celery and cucumber it is definitely the other way around – plenty of juice with less veg. So if you are on a budget using vegetables that produce a lot of juice is the way to go. My favorite green...

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Lew Hollander

Lew Hollander “IronLew” has been taking care of his body for a while. From a very early age (11-12 years old) he took a real interest in his health and everything he ate and did. He is an amazing man in amazing shape. He likes to workout every day plus he trains for whichever event he is taking part in. He ran 100 miles in one day and he has won the world championship triatholon 4 times. ¬†Lew is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest man to complete the IronMan age 83. He competed his...

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Annette Larkins

Annette Larkins believes we must eat those things that are conducive to great health. At 74 years old and looking many, many years younger this raw food expert is a shining example of how a plant-based diet can help us maintain our health. Annette grows her food in her back yard. She is an avid juicer and eats raw and uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Annette has written two booklets. One called Journey to Health and Journey to Health 2 in which she helps people start their own raw food journey. I don’t want to be disrespectful about...

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Redefine Age

What we think of old is changing. Zestizm is here to remind me and you of that very fact.

As we live longer the way we eat and move our body becomes crucial to enjoying not just the years in our life but the life in our years.

I was 47 years old when I decided to reduce the animal products I eat like meat and dairy. Increase the range of fruits and veg I eat while finding a way to balance that with regular exercise.

It is a continuous journey. This website reminds me to stay on it. It contains a mixture of what I am doing and what research and science says we should do.

I am NOT A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER. This site is for information only.



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