Have you ever found something and it just resonated with you instantly? That’s what happened to me when I found Acti-Labs. It is the reason why becoming an Acti-Labs Ambassador was an easy decision.

A week before I joined a household product company. A few days later I realised that it wasn’t for me. Sitting at my desk selling household products via social retailing wasn’t something that excited me.

However, I believe joining that company was all part of a ‘master plan’ to get me to where I am now – promoting Acti-Labs.

There I was in a Facebook group. Someone asked a question about makeup. Acti-Labs was suggested and as I had never heard of them I searched for them. As soon as I saw their website I felt an instant connection. I looked at the body wraps and the words blending science with nature I KNEW this was the company for me in that moment.

Decided to carry out some research on the company. Didn’t find anything shockingly bad.

Found an Ambassador and liked her Facebook page, she sent me a friend request to which I said yes. Later that night I sent her a Facebook message asking her for her link so I can join her team.

It made financial sense to join Acti-Labs to be honest. After looking through the wonderful lipo sculpting wraps, anti bacterial face wash, and acti-labs weight loss products I realised I should join the company (only £20 at the time of writing this) and enjoy the discount as an Acti-Labs Ambassador.

Everything they offer fits into my “Look great in your forties, look after your skin, shine from the inside out” philosophy I have adopted for the past couple of years. I hit the big five-O in November 2016 and I want to make sure my skin is looked after and glows.

I instantly knew I wanted to focus on the weight loss products and skin-care although they have some amazing makeup products too.

Plus, if you join the company and purchase a kit you must make the equivalent amount of money in sales for that month. It is an expensive kit and they want to ensure people who join are serious.

Becoming An Acti-Labs Ambassador

So, if you are looking to sell to family and friends or you, like me, want to buy the products at cost you can join the “start kit online” option. Even though I joined for that reason it took me less than 24 hours to realise I could earn my living promoting these products.

I had been feeling a little lost for the past 18 months. Taking the time to consider what I do next in life has been worth it. I truly believe I was led to Acti-Lab. My work as a web designer means I spend a lot of time at my desk. Moving to a new location 50 miles away from everyone I know in London means that I spend a lot of time indoors. My food shop is bought online and is delivered. My children are all grown up and don’t need collecting from school. So, it means I can go days without seeing another human face.

Promotion of the acti-labs (previously known as ActiDerm) products will start online. I will also enjoy hosting parties and getting myself off to local events. I am finding that talking to people still works best in this business.

To get started click here to join MY team and get my support 


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