My vegetable juicing journey. Learning about a plant-based diet and intermittent fasting has contributed to my obsession about detoxification and food addiction.

I am absolutely convinced that my addiction to the sugar in foods keeps me eating them despite my desperate desire to give them up.

I am also really interested in detoxification.

Yes, the body can detoxify itself without my help but with so many toxins around and with me eating so much food, things like vegetable juicing is my way of helping my body out.

Between heavy metals like lead and mercury, which appear in everything from toothpaste to fish there are a ton of toxins that we take in, not just from food, that our body needs help detoxifying.

This is what I am learning as I work on becoming a detox specialist. Not that I am looking to do this as a job or anything, I am just really interested in it.

This is my second course with The Science Academy and it is their newest course and very informative. The course includes a juicing section which is right at the end (no sneak viewing I have to go through each section of the course in order) and I am looking forward to getting to that part of it.

How we become toxic

Through eating, breathing and absorption via the skin our body is bombarded with a number of different toxins that can cause it to become unwell if left unmanaged.

It really is scary just how much we put our body through and it has really hit home just how fantastic our body is at coping with it all.



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