Being a writer

mixture of pleasure and pain

Frustration and joy

Wanting to give up and still moving forward

Hoping for a straight road to success

Life shows me that it has no guarantees

Its the journey that counts

When can I be okay with how life is now?

What am I trying to prove?

Who am I trying to prove it too?

There is pleasure in watching my pain

No joy in experiencing my success

Cry at night wondering where to go

The morning sun brings relief

A new day welcomes me in

I pick up my pen and I write


Being a writer

Written by Diane Corriette

Somedays I wonder around my house wondering what to do with myself. I am a writer so my thoughts turn to the fact that I should be writing but it is not always that easy to actually find something to write about. Other days I just can’t be bothered to write. The trouble is, with nothing else to do, I find myself in front of the TV instead. I wish I could be a gym fanatic or even enjoy exercise a little bit and maybe when I am not writing I would spend my time exercising but no such luck. I sit, I watch, I eat and I grow fatter while I await inspiration.

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