That is our affirmation for today “Being Positive Builds My Self Confidence

Not only is it a great way to remind you to stay focused on the positive whenever you can (yes, that can be a hard thing to do but keep at it!) but it is also a great affirmation for anyone who isn’t ready to say “I am a self confident woman”

I struggled with saying “I am a self confident woman” for years and a book telling me that I had to say that to become more confident didn’t help me at all.

Affirmations that help me to hold on to the fact that things are getting better, that focused on the second person rather than first (e.g. you are a confident woman) and that were not related to mentioning me like this one “being positive builds my self confidence” all helped me get through that.

If you are not ready to say “I am” then try using “you are” – I don’t know why saying you helped me but it always did. Almost as if it was someone else saying it to me rather than myself because I could never believe the real me (man… was I a mess 🙂 )

I guess what I am getting at here is find what works for you.

I think that is always the message I want to get across but particularly important when you are using affirmations – there will be a way that they work for you and you find that out by using them often and paying attention to what helps you feel better about yourself.

That is why keeping a journal is such a great thing to do.

Being positive builds my self confidence….
Remember that positive affirmation today and every day.

Put it on your phone so its the first thing you see when you switch it on. Use it as your screen saver so you see it floating around your computer.

Write it on a piece of paper or on a post-it-note and stick it in front of you on the wall. Using it for a day, a week, a month – as long as you want to and as long as it continues to help you feel great.

Just making a decision about when to use it and for how long will help you raise your self confidence because you are making your own decisions rather than following what I tell you to do.

I know many of us want to follow (far too many of us) and true self confidence comes from taking charge as well as following.

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