As a shy 20 something year old woman I made the decision to transform my life.

I have spent much of it working on my self confidence until a conversation with my spiritual coach made me realise that self esteem was more than just confidence, but included self worth too.

Self confidence is my ability to make decisions. When I give life to my intentions and dreams without believing I am worthy to achieve them, I make my journey more work than it really needs to be.

Self worth is the power that moves my dreams forward. It breathes power into the dream that I have given life to so that I may manifest what it is I desire.

Without self worth my goals and dreams are like a car with no engine.

Self confidence and self worth together form my self esteem. To be whole therefore I have to have confidence in my decision to start a goal. I need to believe I am worthy of receiving what I desire. When I do the resulting boost in believing in my ability to co-create my life forms my self esteem.

So where does universal power come into this?

At what point do I involve my creator who will help me do less “doing” to achieve what I desire but enjoy more “being”?  For me God (as I like to call Him) appears in my self worth. At that moment as I open myself up to believe that I am worthy to receive I also invite into my dreams the unseen universal forces that will support me in bringing to me whatever I desire.

How much I do is what I still struggle with. I am a “doing” person who believes after setting my goal, connecting to God and asking help from higher energies I should then do some work towards making it happen. I am learning that all that “doing” really isn’t always necessary and I can spend a lot more time being trusting of the universe to deliver what I want because it really doesn’t need my help.

There is a balance between how much you do because you believe it is necessary and how much time you spend “being” – which means letting go of the need to make things happen – and just allow it to come to you.

Finding that balance is my current journey and one my coach calls “the third way” where I let go of the need to control everything and rather than chase it, allow it to come to me.

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