Life was never meant to be a struggle by Stuart Wilde was one of the books (or booklet as he calls it because it is a small book and quite short) that made a huge difference to my life when I first read it years ago.

I always highlight the books I read it means when I pick them up again I tend to only focus on the highlight bits which makes re-reading it faster. (always a good idea to re-read a book at least 3-4 times over a
12 month period).

Here are some great quotes:

If you accept full responsibility for your life, you will accept that
your destiny is created by you. And that your life is basically a
symbol of your inner most thoughts and feelings – of what you believe
about yourself.

He identifies a number of characters that “live” in the strugglers hall of fame:

The Hero – weakness – a lack of personal acceptance

The Terrorist – weakness – Bears a grudge on society

Professional Wimp – weakness – Does not command life

“Spiritual” Wimp – weakness – huge ego, feels like God dropped him off on earth to sit around being “special”

Goddess – weakness – similar to spiritual wimp, may dress like a man,
act tougher or with a anything you can do I can do better attitude

Wilting Wallflower – weakness – I am not capable please help me (this one was definitely be back in the day!!)

The conclusion of Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle by Stuart Wilde:

you acknowledge and accept the struggles in your life (and it takes
courage to identify them) then you have the power to transced.

you accept you are the cause of struggle you can then affirm, with
certainty, that all struggle in your life can be eliminated, given time”

Its a quick read and a fantastic book. If I had to give Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle by Stuart Wilde a rating I would rate it 7 out of 10!

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