Is it time for you to soar? If you are ready to work on breaking free of no self-confidence let me help you on your journey.

I was shy, incapable of talking to people in public, I hated myself and I limited my life because of fear, doubt and worry.

If I can break free of no self-confidence then so you can – all it took was a decision, then awareness of how I was limiting myself and then learning self confidence building exercises to help me overcome shyness and build self confidence.

Are you ready to soar? All it really took to help me begin to work on building self-confidence was that first decision. I looked at my life and released that I was stopped by my own self-imposed prison. The only reason my life was so unhappy was because I had not only locked myself in that self-imposed prison but convinced myself there was no way out.

One of the first confidence building tools I used was writing and saying affirmations.

Is it time to break free of your own self imposed prison? You don’t have to admit that to anyone but yourself – its okay, I completely get it. Maybe you have been wearing a mask that says “my life is okay” or “I am doing just fine” – isn’t life too short to keep up that pretense? As you get older and look back on life it can be real easy to believe that you have wasted time but I want to encourage you instead to focus on the fact that you are going to make the most of your life from this point forward.

“Life is not how it is supposed to be. It is the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.”
virginia satir

I taught myself how to cope with what life through at me by building my self confidence. At first my only aim was to be confident enough to speak to people in person and to speak up at department meetings at work. Then I went on to increase my self esteem so I could speak in front of a crowd (and I became a teacher) and after that raising my confidence was about changing my life. I used it to help me

  • move forward and not fear change
  • be okay with being on my own and enjoying my own company
  • bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment in my life not based on what other people say should make me feel happy or successful but what I defined for myself
  • do things that I never thought I would ever do like travel abroad alone (and speak to people I meet along the way)

Training to become a teacher (adult education) and then going on to learn other disciplines like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and other personal growth workshops both for my own personal growth and to enhance my skills as a life coach also helped me believe in myself.

Do I still sometimes worry – yes, but not for long. Now I catch myself and I stop it. Am I still fearful? Some times but I go ahead and do it anyway. I have never tried to get rid of fear but I learnt to step around it, through it, over it or under it – whatever I needed to do to keep moving forward.

Breaking free of no self confidence has been the biggest gift I ever gave to myself. It led on to me focusing on breaking free from being overweight by embracing a healthy long-term eating program. It helped me break free from being unfit by focusing on my fitness and finding ways to workout every day – even if it is only a 15 minute brisk walk.

You can refuse to let your life be limited by the voices in your head.

You can learn how to act in spite of them and when you do you will know that you are breaking free of no self confidence. This will inject an even bigger sense of self confidence within you helping you to do more with your life.

Life is just too damn short to be anything less than 100% happy 100% of the time
Diane Corriette 🙂

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Here’s a song to help you on your way towards breaking free of no self confidence

We can all BE, do and have more in life when we are willing to take the first step. Take yours now.

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