As I begin to define what ‘feel and build self-confidence’ (my new eBook) will focus on I wanted to share some of it through this blog – almost as if I am thinking out loud!

My ahhh! moment that has helped me put this together came while watching The Secret which focuses on the law of attraction and manifesting what you desire into your life.

A big part of being successful with the law of attraction is not only thinking about what you want but visualizing it and feeling it too.

It was while they were talking about the power of feeling the image that I have in my head, not just thinking about it, that a big yellow light bulb went off in my head (literally!)

I realized that this is exactly the process I went through to build self-confidence in myself but also to build confidence in my whole life.

Every time I manage to successfully manifest anything into my life I felt it in my heart more than I thought about it. Feel it and release it.

My ability to feel was actually the most important aspect and without it nothing happens. So it is with confidence. My ability to feel confident was actually more important than what I said to myself.

I could say “I am a confident beautiful woman” all day long and it wouldn’t make a difference but when I added a vision of myself as confident and beautiful, plus I added the feelings of being loved and happy about that fact that I am so confident and beautiful everything changed.

So when it comes to writing feel and rebuild self-confidence I will be thinking about this simple four-step process:

1. Definition (think it)

You need to define what self-confidence means to you and how you will know you are now more confident than you used to be. Without a definition how will you ever know?

2. Aspiration (dream/desire it)

Time to aspire to be all that you can be – write it out – now you know what you want build goals around it and set challenges for yourself that will help you move towards the vision you have of yourself.

3. Visualization (see it)

Visualize the new you. See yourself confidently talking to strangers, or standing in front of a crowd and delivering a talk. Visualize the confident you – give yourself the freedom to be fully self expressed and able to confidently communicate what you need and how you feel.

4. Feel (feel it)

While visualizing it is important you bring in your emotions and really feel yourself as happy, empowered, full of life. Don’t know how that feels? Then go back to number one and define it – make it up! Life is all about making up what works for us. So it doesn’t work for me who cares – as long as it has the desired effect on you!

Make noises too (hear it) – whatever noise you need to make to uplift you. Scream, holler, woop… whatever! Feel silly… yes, but who cares – you are self expressed and confident. Make some NOISE!

Once you can think it, dream it, see and feel it (and hear it) you then take action. What steps do you need to take to get this vision to become a reality? How will you monitor your life? What questions will you ask about your current habits that will help you?

Once you have done that it is time to take steps towards building self confidence and setting goals so that you can monitor your progress.

Each time you want to build self-confidence in a particular area of your life you simply follow the same procedure. There will be tools that you can use to help you and exercises you can perform (which will be outlined in the eBook) but essentially those steps are how I changed my life for the better.

What do you think? Any questions, suggestions or comments? Leave them in the comment box below.

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