When you realise you want to build self confidence there is a great gap between hoping and wishing for a change to occur in your life, and aggressively pursuing the decision to initiate change in your life.

People who make new year resolutions that they don’t keep are not committed to making a change. What they are doing is engaging in wishful thinking and wishful thinking will not help anyone succeed in initiating change in their life.

It is quite different when you make a decision to start building self confidence. Usually by the time you make a decision it is mainly because you are fed up with your current conditions and ready to take steps to actively get what you want.

To build self confidence you need to make the decision that things need to change and then create a plan of action, maybe consult a professional or undertake steps to make those changes.

When you make a decision you are making a choice and that choice requires 100% of your commitment regardless of the demands we may have in our life right now.

Everything starts with that decision to make it happen because everything happening in your life right now will be as a direct result of decisions you made in your past – or the lack of them if you constantly avoid making decisions and just allow things to happen.

Now you have made the decision to increase your self confidence be prepared to read, listen to and watch information to help you. I was successful in changing my confidence because I took the time to attend seminars and read self development books and ebooks.

The more you learn how to use your mind and emotions (understanding that thoughts create emotions and your emotions shape your decisions) the more power you will have over the actions you take and the more powerful your decisions will become.

One lesson I have learnt from my own self development is that true happiness and fulfillment is based on my constant growth and my ability to overcome and work through my challenges.

The key to success when it comes to personal development is being able to make a decision and then commit to it.

You will have to do that a lot on your journey towards building self confidence and even when you slip back to old habits being able to pick up where you left off and continue to move forward is the only way you can achieve your goal.


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