It can be hard to change a habit, routine or behaviour that has been with us for a long time, which is why I love challenges. I set myself different challenges to help me with different times in my life. Now I provide a range of challenges that might help you do the same.

Challenge Yourself To Feel Awesome

take a food, fitness or life challenge to help you make a change

I have always set myself personal and professional challenges. I like to attempt different things and try out new things. I changed my self-confidence by challenging myself to do more and to do better.

Back in 2014 I challenged myself to stop eating as much processed foods, meat and dairy as I was – instead I focused on whole foods, juicing and eating more of a plant-based lifestyle. I am still in the transition stage on eating better.

When I was ready to start with improving my fitness I started small using a rebounder. I challenged myself to complete two minutes of continuous bouncing. It was actually really difficult but eventually I did it. Then I challenged myself to do more and I have become fitter.

Rules Of A Challenge

If you haven’t thought about exercise or improving the food you eat for a while get ready to forgive yourself, several times, before transformation happens. Health starts with change, works through transition and ends with transformation. Here are the rules:

  1. Decide on the challenge and take it seriously
  2. Set a date (if one hasn’t been set) that your challenge will end
  3. Decide on the outcome you want to achieve from the challenge and write it down
  4. Monitor your progress using a journal
  5. Evaluate how things are going half way through the challenge. Do you need to change what you are doing? Could you do more?
  6. Keep going until the end making a note of the challenges as well as successes
  7. Evaluate how it went. Did you reach your outcome? What can you do next? Do you need to continue on with the challenge? What did you learn about yourself?

If you find yourself taking one step forward and three steps back during your challenge, relax. It happens. The key is to create an environment that supports your goal to get healthy.

I challenge myself on a regular basis. It is a great way to motivate me to keep going. A regular challenge I have undertaken is to lose 1 lb a week in weight by eating a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables. Weight loss is no longer my main motivation but I keep it going as a way of measuring how I am (sort of) doing. Now, my attention has turned to focusing on fat loss and muscle gain.

In October 2015 I challenged myself to swim once a week. Every Sunday I walk for 20 minutes to attend my local swimming pool. I swim for 45-60 minutes then I walk home.

What will your challenge be? How will you make sure you stick with it? Remember this is all about change, transition and transformation. Small steps in the right direction that lead us towards our ultimate goal and beyond.

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