Now you know that sharing your confidence building goals isn’t always a good idea are you ready to create your new self confidence building goals for 2011?

Firstly it is always nice to stop and think about the year coming to an end. Did you achieve everything you wanted to? Did you set yourself a mixture of small and larger goals to help you or did you set them all too high and achieve nothing?

I always love this time to year as a time to start reflecting on what has happened so far, what I didn’t achieve and can learn from and of course the best bits of all the goals I set out to achieve and managed to do just that.

I hope you see that whether you achieved something or not they all play a part towards helping you on your role to be more confident and one isn’t good or bad – in fact it is the “bad” goals that we don’t achieve that can teach us the most about who we are and the work we still have to do so embrace them all.

What  did you set out to achieve that didn’t get done and what did you learn from that experience?

What did you manage to achieve? Feel free to share it with us

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