If you are reading this and you, like me, are on a quest to improve your life and the way you live it this confidence building handbook introduction will show you where we are heading.

Maybe you want to free yourself from the fears and limits that stop you from doing anything different or making changes. It really will help you if making things happen is your goal.

Or perhaps you want to release the limits you put on your life when you think about what you are capable of achieving (because we can all achieve more than we believe we can!)

Whatever your reason for reading the confidence building handbook introduction I hope it goes some way to helping you in building self confidence.

This handbook is a combination of practical help along with stories from my own life as someone who has completely transformed the way they live by changing my thoughts and believing in myself.

As simple as that sounds when you are afraid of life and have no confidence it really does not seem that simple

What were some of the downsides of having no confidence for me?

  • I hated looking at myself and didn’t like my body
  • I hated anyone else looking at me
  • If I heard people on the street laughing I would be convinced they were laughing at me
  • I didn’t go out to events where I wouldn’t know anyone
  • I never wanted to travel alone
  • Afraid to say no to anyone and did things I didn’t really want to
  • Avoided confrontations and held in my anger rather than expressing it
  • Always having a conversation in my head about things going wrong and being wrong with me

I tackled them all one at a time and now I am so much happier with the way my life is going than I used to be.

I am now able to make things happen and nothing can beat that feeling of getting things done. Also, when things don’t work out I can pick myself up (eventually!) and carry on. That is the true measure of self-confidence – believing in yourself even when things go wrong.

I am going to add the confidence building handbook here one article at a time, always adding to it until it becomes a huge resource.

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