What we have covered in those first few chapters is your opportunity to take a look at the importance of confidence and to decide if this is a journey worth taking.

The next part of this handbook focuses on how to build confidence through choice, responsibility, change, balance, faith and a few other of the most important things you need to have in place.

One of the most challenge will focus on breaking your existing patterns.

If you smoke and don’t want to (and you have tried giving up but keep smoking), if you are over helpful and then get annoyed and/or feel like a door mat.

If you worry and are fearful all the time. These are all patterns that will need to be broken and what will help you through is spending time thinking about why they are there.

I have said before but it is worth repeating.

This is not something that changes overnight. If you have deep rooted issues to work through it will take some time but it will be so worth it. Even 20 years later I still find issues I need to work through and am willing to do that.

This is a journey for life. Maybe there is no final destination until we die and in each moment we get to enjoy a different version of ourselves. The person we really want to be.

Get ready to meet that person because I know she will be an amazing person to know.

Confidence building next steps

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