I watched a video today and wanted to add it here because it relates very strongly to building self confidence.

As I keep saying that this is a journey not a destination, one where you succeed when you focus on progress rather than perfection and also one that requires discipline.

What is discipline – well when you look at the image below you will see the definition of discipline is “the practice of training people to obey rules” in this case it isn’t people but YOU and you are working towards obeying your own rules. If you say you are going to say your affirmation three times a day or six months that is your rule, discipline helps you stick to it.

So how do you develop discipline? It’s explained in the video and I love it because it is simplistic and yet it has the potential to be difficult for many.

“Discipline starts when you decided it does – just decide to start being more disciplined and do it.”

I know how lovely and simple that sounds “just do it” but I also know how difficult that can be (in the area of fitness I suck at discipline right now) and that is why more than anything it is important that you remember confidence is a journey that requires discipline AND a focus on progress not perfection.

What will help you on your journey is basic practice. Listen to the story he tells of someone who wanted to become a master. He was told to practice and come back in 3 years time.

He was told that 3 times. That is a total of 9 years! Are you ready to wait 9 years to build your self confidence because most people aren’t. They expect instant results or they don’t want to even bother to try. Nine years later when their life is still CRAP they wish they started 9 years ago!

Time is going to pass anyway so rather than complain about waiting the end result now enjoy the journey and be ready to do whatever it takes to build your self confidence.

As the presenter said you need to ask questions of yourself and other people to make building self confidence work for you.  You need to find passion in the most mundane things so you can get them done. Rather than see it as hard work find the joy in it (I constantly have to do this when i pick up an iron 🙂 )

Remove the idea that there is a finish line – confidence is a never ending process that you need to learn how to enjoy

Here’s the video



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