I have been watching Crackanory on Dave. Have you seen it? It’s stories for adults – for those of us old enough to remember Jackanory.

I actually couldn’t sit long enough to watch Jackanory as a kid but as an adult I am loving Crackanory.

Bad language and weird tales are told by familiar faces like Jack Dee, Harry Enfield, and the funny “bare with…” woman on Miranda slash best friend of Bridget Jones.

I don’t know why everything has to be written and performed by “celebs” (hate that word) nowadays.

Why us regular joes (hate that word too) can’t have a go at writing a Jackanory story that is performed on TV. I would LOVE the chance to write a Jackanory story.

As they are for adults mine would focus on some middle age catastrophe or maybe I would rewrite one of my stories like The Desperate Forties.

In fact that is what I will do. I will sit and write a Jackanory story that has to last 15 minutes – which means turning it into a short story.

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