Below is a video that makes a great art journal prompt if you are looking for something creative to do. Your journal will need to have quite strong pages to be able to take the paint and everything being put on it or at least give it time to dry. At first this whole thing looked to me to be scribbling with paint (no disrespect meant!) and blending in together.

This is the kind of journal prompt I would do when I want to do something without much thinking. Just to have fun and be creative with the stencils and paint that I have.

What was used? Paints, stencil, glue stuff (gesso??), heat gun (hair dryer..??)

During the video the words “Don’t be particular” were said – good advice!

“Don’t worry if you have a blob here and there”

When she adds blue the blue paint and let it drip it bothered me… I wanted to clean that up. 🙂

I hope that prompt encourages you to get out your paints and stencils and come up with some wonderful designs.

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