Thought I would share a day of plant-based eating with you, just to show you that even in February I am keeping to my desire to eat less animals and more plants.

It was actually me listening to my body that made me to focus even more on eating this way. It has been craving raw food and I am just being an obliging tenant and listening to what it is saying.

The image at the top is half of my shop for the week. I have stocked up on fruit and veg although it will be a while until I can start enjoying those bananas.

This is my day of plant-based eating for Sunday 11 February 2018 so it is a little different than in the week.

Weekdays I am fasting at least three out of five days, but usually I manage four. I choose Monday-Thursday to fast.

Friday is a “eat whatever the hell you like” day and Saturday/Sunday I eat when I am hungry but do my best to remain plant-based. That means sometimes I eat breakfast and other times I skip it and eat from mid-day – there are no real rules.

I started Sunday with a green smoothie that contains avocado, spinach, pineapple, ginger and lemon. It was lovely and smooth.

avocado pineapple smoothie

About 90 minutes later I ate some hummus with cucumber – no photo – too busy eating to remember.

Later in the day I juiced some carrots, ginger, orange with a couple of apples added for a bit more sweetness. Now that I have been juicing for some time I find drinking a glass or two is actually quite filling. Plus I am drinking water too and aim to get down my 2 liters a day minimum.

juicing carrot orange ginger

I also ate 4 Ryvita crackers with almond butter and a banana.

My lunch and dinner – because I always cook enough to eat afternoon evening and the next day – was a bean casserole. It contains black beans, red kidney beans, spinach, onions, courgette (zucchini), coconut milk and chopped tomatoes plus spices/herbs. plant-based eating

I usually like to eat something like this with rice but I had made so much of it I would have been eating it every day of the week. Instead I decided to eat it alone for lunch and dinner, and eat more of it.

Then at the end of the day (around 6pm) I ate a mango and banana. My next meal was at 12.30 Monday lunchtime.

Even if I added meat to that last meal or included a sandwich during the day with a big green salad it is easy to see how simple it can be to increase our fruit and vegetable consumption.

All I need to be able to do now is include exercise in all of it. When you focus on plant-based eating, which is mainly high-carb, it is important to eat a large variety of fruit and vegetables but it is also important to burn some off as well.

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