I looked down at myself and sniffed my armpits then burst out laughing. Just 10 minutes before I was stood looking out my window at the snow a little frustrated about a phone call that went nowhere.

When you are self-employed cash flow is the life of your business.

It has taken a large institution four months to pay an invoice of mine and it is the constant chasing that proves an energy drain for me. I am a creative. I want to be left to create. It has taken them three months just to realize there is a form I have to sign so I can become an approved contractor before they can pay me.

So there I was. Annoyed at having this around for the last few months and it being a constant point of conversation between my friend (who got the work for me) and myself when suddenly my inner voice said “Diane I think you smell a little, have a sniff and see, you stink of desperation!”

At first. In the middle of my frustration rant (I seem to be ranting a lot lately – may need to look at that!) I was a little taken aback and then I had a sniff and laughed.

This isn’t the only invoice I have out there awaiting payment and (learning from my mistakes of the past) I am doing my best to stay on top of who has to pay what and by when so it  doesn’t slip off my radar.

The trouble is the constant chasing has a feeling of desperation and desperation stinks.

Yes I want to be paid sooner rather than later but everything that needs to be paid in terms of my bills gets paid at the time its due. So why not just let it go and relax a little.

It took a sniff, a laugh and a seal song. Within 10 minutes I was back to work and focused again.

What are you desperately chasing right now? Money? A relationship? Your desire to be more self-confident? Stop chasing and allow it to happen.

Desperation stinks so let it go.

You will find the journey is a lot more fun when you do. If you need some help in letting go here’s the Seal song I love…. go wild


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