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diane corriette

I use and promote Acti-Labs Products – a range of high-quality, spa inspired skin-care products. Use the button below to visit my website. I thank you in advance for your custom.

I am 51 Years Old

I have raised three wonderful children.

I have time for me now and Zestizm is about me getting my zest for life back and getting out there and LIVING it, LAUGHING through it and LOVING it.

First step was to lose weight and improve my health. Started in 2014 and is still a work in progress. Went back to old habits around June 2016 until the end of 2017 but back on it in 2018. I used intermittent fasting, juicing and eating a plant-based diet. My eating is sorted. 2018 is about getting my exercise routine into gear.

Second step was to downsize. Been there did that. 2017 I moved from a 3 bedroom home into a studio apartment when my youngest went into university. I moved from Bedfordshire to Shropshire (115 miles away according to Google Maps) to live closer to my daughter.

Third step is to travel. I want to to start traveling and seeing more of the world in 2018 and beyond. I will be a solo female traveler and happy to do it that way – focusing only on what I want to do and when. I also want to live in different parts of the world for 6-8 weeks at a time – maybe teaching English in some places.

To do all this travel I need to earn a living!

Right now I work in admin but in 2018 I am focusing on becoming a live in carer. It means I won’t have as many expenses and every 3-4 months (or longer if I want to go to places like Australia) I can travel.

Self Published Writer

I have self-published a book full of flash fiction stories and even ran a few workshops helping other women to do the same. I love to write very short stories (micro-fiction aka flash fiction) and I do this as a hobby. I ran a workshop called from Memories to Memoirs and have put information on here about writing a journal, which is a great way to end up with your own self-published book.

You will be surprised at how interested people are in the stories of others.


The Last Hut & 29 Other Flash Fiction Stories

Weight Loss & Getting Healthy

Since 2014 I have been on an up and down roller coaster to lose weight. Plant-based eating and juicing has helped
diane corriette acti-labs

UK Acti-Labs Ambassador

It was an easy decision for me to become an Acti-lab Ambassador. Their business model fits into my passion for high quality products at affordable prices. What they offer are products that provide a non-surgical way to look amazing.

There are collagen creams that will help firm your skin. Weight loss wraps that help you naturally break down fat. Diet aids that reduce your appetite and make the process of eating less easier. CLICK HERE to visit my website and find out more about Acti-Labs products.

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