Diane Corriette

Administrator/Online Marketing

For years I worked from home (2009-2016) and now I work a 9-5 as an employee and I love the regular income! The feast and famine life of a freelancer was just too much, especially as I wanted to travel. I used to install WordPress websites for small business owners. Now I use my online marketing skills on helping me develop a second income because it helps to have one.

I use and promote Acti-Labs Products – a range of high-quality, spa inspired skin-care products. I love to write and vlog (videos) for fun. You will find my website here: https://acti-labs.com/me/diane-corriette/all/

Plus I sell products online, my own and as an affiliate marketer and earn some income from advertising that I want to work on increasing in 2017 and beyond. I use my digital marketing skills (I am trained) for my own benefit now. I have a passion for self-development and was a life coach years ago so you will find confidence building resources plus free ebooks on here.

My health and my passion for juicing and plant-based eating is what I focus on now. I am hoping I am found my topic for life but who knows with me. Sometimes the pleasure is in the setting up and starting, not always the sticking with it and enduring.

diane corriette acti-labs

UK Acti-Labs Ambassador

It was an easy decision for me to become an Acti-lab Ambassador. Their business model fits into my passion for high quality products at affordable prices. What they offer are products that provide a non-surgical way to look amazing.

There are collagen creams that will help firm your skin. Weight loss wraps that help you naturally break down fat. Diet aids that reduce your appetite and make the process of eating less easier. CLICK HERE to visit my website and find out more about Acti-Labs products.

Weight Loss & Getting Healthy

Since 2014 I have been on an up and down roller coaster to lose weight. Plant-based eating and juicing has helped

Vlogger / Writer

I love to use the internet. Over the years I have made a living from writing and making videos, which I am currently building on.

My interest in health, plant-based eating and fitness over 40 started in 2014 and despite a rocky start (I took everything down to start again) I now have my own YouTube channel.

I have self-published a book full of flash fiction stories and even ran a few workshops helping other women to do the same. I love to write very short stories (micro-fiction aka flash fiction) and I do this as a hobby away from my freelance/self-employed work. Would be great if it became the thing that earns me a full-time living one day.