When I first thought about making a dill juicing recipe I wasn’t sure what it would taste like but its actually really good. It adds a peppery tangy taste to what might of been a pretty plain juice.

Dill-icious vegetable juice

1 packet of celery
1/4 pineapple
1 packet of dill
1 lemon
1 cucumber
1 broccoli
1 green apple

dill-icious vegetable juice

I was making enough for a liter of this juice so if you want less just reduce the amounts

I didn’t add ginger to this one because I thought the two together might be too strong.

Once I looked up the health benefits of dill I knew that I just had to include it in one of my vegetable juices. I will drink or eat something that I don’t like the taste of (like liver) simply because I know it is good for me.

I took a chance on dill and am glad I did.


Health benefits of dill

The health benefits of dill are many. It helps to boost our digestive health and our immune system.

If you are looking for anti-inflammatory ingredients to add to your vegetable juices then dill is it.

Health claims include its ability to protect us against arthritis and protect us from bone degradation.

Dill as a herb is a powerful ally containing vitamins A and C as well as improve minerals and flavonoids.

This really is a great herb worth drinking on a regular basis.

dill vegetable juice

The final juice made enough for two glasses – one litre

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