I have noticed over the last few years that we have the beginnings of a very dishonest postal service in the UK. Not everyone of course, a small few, but it seems to be growing.

I recently received a box of Acti-Lab products I had ordered and I signed for the box without checking it.

Took it inside and went to open it, that’s when I noticed the large very straight cut that had been made half way up the box.

Perfectly cut with a sharp instrument (in contrast to my raggedy rips on the edge of the box) someone had obviously tried to open the box and get hold of the products.

Acti-Labs are great. If you call them and let them know something is missing from an order they will replace it for you, but if something is missing because some thieving bastard decided to help him or her self to the contents what then?

Luckily, the products are sent securely and they were inside an Acti-Labs bag. Because they were all safely tucked away whoever did this got nothing, nada, zero, zilch and I am happy about that but what’s going on with our postal service?

First it started with birthday cards. They began arriving half opened because these thieving postal workers figured out people send money in birthday cards.

Now, it seems they will take just about anything if there is an opportunity to do so.

I will never accept another parcel without first checking the outside and then, if it is ripped in this way, I will make the driver wait while I open the box and check the contents.

That was my personal order that arrived. My usual Acti-Labs skin cream plus a new night time collagen cream, which is great for my 52 year old skin.

acti-lab products delivery

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