Hitting forty made me take a long hard look at the dream I wanted to achieve – no messing – how about you?

When 40 hits many people begin to think about the goals they had hoped to achieve by that age that didn’t make it and some really believe that it is too late to even think about setting a vision for what they want to achieve.

I was over 40 when I decided to finally go for my goal of becoming a published writer.

It was something I wanted to do since being in high school but of course when you have no confidence and you believe you are not clever enough then that voice always kept me limited.

The thing to remember is that many people use their forties as a time to re-train into a brand new career, something they have always wanted to do or something completely different to what they are currently doing.

If you think it is too late to fulfill your dream then you are wrong.

I know a 75 year old who took to the computer and is now very active on Facebook. You only have to look at the break dancer on Britain’s Got Talent to know it is never too late for anything! All you need to do is build self confidence so you feel strong enough to go for it.


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