Do you believe that some things happen for a reason?

I was ‘unconsciously’ surfing on Amazon – by that I mean I was on Amazon for no particular reason and wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing or what I was clicking on.

I had put the phrase fashion into the search box and up came a whole load of different books and kindle books.

The book  “Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your ultimate guide to effortless style (revised edition)” came up and there was an option to click and read inside so I clicked, then I click on a link that took me to a page called “My journey to flaunting it” – now keep in mind that I am doing all of this without thinking about what I was doing (there’s a story behind how I found myself wasting time on Amazon at the moment but ‘ll share that another time!) I am just clicking!

Something caught my eye on the page “age 13 and 5’ 11” – I can identify with that because I hit the height of 5’ 10” around the age of 14, just returned to school after the summer break to find myself at least 4-5 inches taller than every girl in my year!

So I decided to read the page and it turns out the author Natalie Jobity hit over 6 feet at the age of 14, is from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago), and she went to live in England for a year before deciding to settle in America.

This young woman used her height and interest in fashion to create her own sense of style and clothing. She runs her own image consultancy and is highly successful from what I have seen so far (I only found her yesterday!)

Isn’t it amazing how two people can take the same experience and use it differently
? It was at the age of 16 that she started to work with her height and understand the gift of being statuesque.

It was at the age of 16 that I decided I wasn’t ‘right’ because I was so tall and hated my height and the way I looked for the next 10 years!  I never really got into fashion.

I blamed my height and the fact that I was “fat” being a UK size 14 to never ever get into fashion. As my confidence grew I decided I didn’t need fashion – that I was confident without it and could live in my white t-shirts and leggings for ever and ever amen!

I remember several years ago taking on a fashion consultant to help me pick clothes. She got me away from my usually navy blue and denim to try different bright clothes like turquoise and bright pinks.

I hated colour on myself usually because being colourful meant people staring at me and I never wanted anyone to look at me so I kept myself fairly neutral (how my daughter ever came out to be a real girly girl with pink and nails and makeup and stuff goodness only knows) but I really did love having an image consultant.

So there I was reading this introduction and I thought I HAVE TO FIND this woman! It was easy enough using a quick search I came across the Fabulously Flaunting It on Facebook.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I still believe that while looking great in clothes can help confidence the clothes do not make the woman. But it is amazing how easy it is for me to connect with another tall woman and instantly want to read everything she has ever written and follow her around the web!

It is almost as if just being tall makes me want to listen to her and I remember a recent comment from a reader Michael Belk who said on my blog post –  do our weaknesses being our strengths

“Our weaknesses are our strengths, because I believe you are only as strong as the toughest challenge you face…”
Michael Belk

My height has been and to some extent still is a constant source of ‘weakness’ for me and I have had to go through a huge number of acceptance affirmations and forgiving myself for hating myself and all types of things to finally reach to a place of acceptance(ish).

Now, for complete acceptance I feel as if it is time to dress my body as something to show off  in bright colours rather than something to hide behind navy blue and brown!

All of this from unconsciously clicking on a book on Amazon! At the age of 45 and a half I might actually begin to look at myself in terms of fashion and style.

I will always allow it to contribute to helping me feel great but I will always keep my opinion very firm on the fact that the clothes do not make me no matter how fabulous I look and who I am inside is the gift that matters the most.

I left a comment on Natalie’s Facebook Page and she shared a wonderful insight which became the second revelation of the day… what I have to do is learn to work WITH my height… now why didn’t I think of that!!!

This blog post has nothing to do with self confidence – I just thought I would share a breakthrough! Even 20 years later I still have something new to learn about myself 🙂


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