The end of another month is upon us and I have had a great time getting back into blogging and connecting with so many great blogs during the month.

In the month when I gave up my job, signed up to learn Spanish, gave notice on my studio apartment, bought myself a brand new suitcase to “live” from and am about to start training in a new job, it has been an active one.

Thank you, to anyone who new left a comment for February including:

And to those of you who regularly commented in the past and have started to come back again.

Blog Refresh and Acti-Labs

My Acti-Labs business grew in strength this month because I spent the last couple of months cleaning out my blog of old stuff. Old links inside my site that were no longer active and places I link to that are no longer active.

I also had some malicious code that had been added in my older blog posts. I had to remove that going through each blog post on here one at a time. Eventually I decided to look through them all. There are 432 in total.

Doing all of that has helped to bring people back to the website.

Plus the articles I have written are helping me with my Acti-Labs business. This month I had 4 new people join my Acit-Labs team, which is fantastic – feel free to join me and my team here 🙂 – for as little as £20 you can start your own business.

And I also manged to earn 25% commission (the commission increases from 20% to 25% once you sell £350-700 in a month) and receive a bonus from my team sales.


Sad month for UK businesses Toys R Us and Maplin who have both gone into administration. I am not sure if the recession is over or not but I still can’t believe huge businesses are still going into administration.

I think they are learning it is cheaper to be online and automated rather than own stores. Makes me wonder what will happen to the High Street. Maybe they will be overtaken by small independent business owners again, wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Beast from the East

The cold weather has hit England. It’s being called the “Beast from the East” and is causing chaos but that’s nothing new. A little bit of snow and England seems to grind to a halt. I am happy to be looking out at it from the comfort of a warm home. Shropshire hasn’t really had much snow yet compared to London. It’s been fun looking at the photos on Facebook.

Next year I hope to be some place hotter. Leaving around the second week of January and returning at the end of March as Spring starts. God willing, as my dad always says.


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