8. You limit your self-confidence when you believe you are not good enough

This has was a huge, gigantic barrier for me right from the start because I grew up believing that I was not good enough and even now, 20 years later, I can find myself having to work through and overcome this feeling of not being “good enough!”

The difference is now I work through it fairly quickly, it took time to learn how to do that and writing out and using affirmations was definitely a key in helping me.

Thinking, feeling and believing that you are not good enough is confidence enemy number 1! You need to make a commitment to actively seek personal and professional help to overcome it.

The personal help can come from listening to audios and reading books that support you in working through this as I mentioned in the last blog post on killing self confidence with a lack of support.

The professional help can come from attending workshops (e.g. Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life or Landmark Education’s course ‘The Forum’) and even taking on your own life coach to support you.

The great thing is you will meet people all working towards the same goal. Some of these people will become part of your network of people who are all looking for bigger and better things.

Overcoming this belief is a work in progress, but the reward far outweighs the “work”

The question here is “How long have I believed I am not good enough and what am I going to do to change this story?”

I want to end this with a plea. If you are a woman with children please watch what you say to them, children are literal creatures and will believe every thought you put in their head.

Please nourish them with positive affirmations about being capable, lovable and able to succeed at whatever they put their minds too.

And please no longer allow other people to indulge in calling your child(ren) names. Not even the little pet “you clumsy thing, you” that Grandparents may lovingly say when they drop the plate of cookies.

Growing up believing you are not good enough is one of the most damaging things to go through.

Having said that, when you are willing to work through it, it can provide you with the energy to be the best that you can be; that’s what it did for me.


Lesson 9 : Impatience limits self-confidence 

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