Are you familiar with Iylana Vanzant? It was her book “One Day My
Soul Just Opened Up” that taught me how important it was to find my
own interpretation of the truth.

Not my partners truth, or the truth according to what my friends
thought but my own interpretation of what’s true for me.

Some people believe that what Dr Wayne Dyer teaches is the Truth,
other people believe Dr Deepak Chopra to be speaking our Truth, it
may be Christianity for you, Wicca, Buddhism…. There are so many
different interpretations of what the Truth could be that
eventually you need to stop and question what you believe.

Everything you read, listen to, or attend at each stage of your
life will have an impact on you and it’s important to realise that
there is not ONE truth but different opinions and interpretations.


“Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living”
– Buddha

You may hear something that is totally mind blowing, for the person
next to you it will be totally confusing, for yet another person it
will have no impact whatsoever.

We are all at different stages and different things will have an
impact on us at different times. Whatever moves you into action in
that moment becomes your Truth and as the years go by your Truth
will change, it will evolve, or it may not!
What’s your Truth?
Have you even begun to explore that question?

Let me share what’s true for me in the hope that this example will
help you decide.

I believe there is a divine energy that guides me. I call this
energy God, The Creator or Divine Energy. Many people use the word
Buddha, Krishna, Allah to describe the same energy.I believe I am divinely guided and protected and when I choose to
listen to this guidance my life flows with ease. When I move away
from it life becomes hard work!I believe that my outside life is a direct reflection of what I am
thinking and feeling inside so when life isn’t working out I will
look within to see why/how I am creating this situation in my life
and the lesson it is there to teach me.I believe everything happens for a reason if I am willing to stop
and take a look at what the lesson might be and I believe that
everyone in my life is a direct reflection of who I am.

That’s my Truth. It’s taken me many books, many courses, many
events to reach that point but no one could ever tell me that it’s
wrong, because it is right for me.

It’s time for you to take back the power and take your life back into your hands. All of us has our own Truth. What’s yours?