Well, this is it, nearly one whole year of writing. I don’t remember the exact date I made up my mind but I know it was after my birthday and around mid/late November.

So, what have I achieved in that time?

I have managed to:

take a course with Nik Perring on how to write Flash Fiction – which helped me to…

self-publish a book of flash fiction stories – and I also managed to…

get that book on Kindle and get a few reviews – I also…

set up this blog as a base to share all my work – and…

get published on an online site that wasn’t mine 🙂

So what are my goals for the coming 12 months?

Mainly to keep writing. I don’t actually want to set many goals (for once in my life) I just want to keep writing and doing what I can to market my blog, my stories and my book. I found out about something called Chapbooks and may write a few of those to sell/giveaway and I want to look into writing romance but have never read a romance book in my life!

Other than that no other plans.

I think I may need a part-time job if I truly want to focus on this without distraction just to ensure we don’t end up eating egg on toast for dinner. 🙂

Today is my birthday so I guess this is why I am reflecting on where I am and where I am going. It has taken me a Llllooooooonnnnnngggggg time to finally figure out what I want to do with my life and I am really hoping this is it. I have skipped from one thing to another, from Amway and Utility Warehouse to selling Avon, and everything inbetween. I spent years learning how to use the internet to make money and I did okay (unlike thousands of people I do actually make money) but it doesn’t make me happy.

The next year is all about getting me some happy 🙂

I need to let go of the how this will happen and allow it to happen. The how is none of my business I remind myself. The bank manager isn’t as impressed with that school of thought though. I also need to remember that I am writing because I love to but secretly I would like to be the next Kindle millionairess and live out my winters typing up stories in the Caribbean.

If I ever come up with something else I want to do I want someone to please slap me HARD and tell me to be patient.

Thanks to the internet there is more of a chance than ever to share your writing but even published, well established writers, have regular jobs so does that mean hoping to make a living as a writer is unrealistic? I understand it happens. Fifty Shades et al all attest to that so I don’t doubt.

I love the song I have chosen and although it is about a musician it can equally apply to a writer. It actually inspired one of the flash fiction stories in my book The Last Hut – do you have a copy yet? 🙂

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