Here’s another “secret” that you might want to GET right now, so I have put it in early. There are no magic formulas to becoming successful it is all about focus and desire.

Focusing on what works rather than what doesn’t work. It is all about focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

I know, I know, that’s far too simple. Life is more complicated than that, right? Wrong! Listen my life motto used to be “Life Must Be Hard”.

It totally blew my mind when I discovered that life is actually really, really simple and more importantly life was never meant to be a struggle!

So it’s time for a new conversation to take place.
“I don’t want to be fat”
“I can never find a man”
“I am never successful in business”
“People always leave me”
“I never remember people’s names”

What’s your conversation? What’s the conversation that you will be ending?  Can you see how this is really taking you away from what you want, and not focusing on what it is you want to achieve.

Let’s take a look at your new conversation
“I work towards being the right weight for my height”

“I know I will release (note: you always want to release weight not lose it, why? because you can find what was once lost!) this weight as I focus on healthy eating and exercise.”

“I enjoy loving relationships and open myself to love”

“My business enjoys continued success year after year”

Are you getting the picture here?  What is it you want to achieve? Focus on that and nothing else.  Keep your focus on what you desire.

Believe in your mind, heart and soul that you have no other option than to be successful, no matter how bad business is, even if no one attends your workshop.  Even if after year 1 your accounts tell you that you are in debt.

No matter what is happening in your world keep your focus on the fact that you will succeed, feel it deep within you and hold onto that at all times.  Engage your emotions too, allow yourself to feel the excitement of achieving your goal.

I am not talking here about what you “hope” may happen, but on what you absolutely know, deep within you, is possible.

e fears and the doubts. Oh, don’t worry we will deal with them! They are just there to make sure you really want what you say you do.  After all, if we could just want something and go for it that would be too easy!

The achievement comes from knowing that you want it, that you focused on it, and that you overcame some major limits to get it.

What is your heart’s desire? Now read that again because I did not ask what is it that your head desires, we all know the head wants you to pay the bills and make sure everything is safe and secure. But what is it that your heart desires?

Definition of Desire 1 to wish or long for; crave. 2. to request; ask for
So when you desire something not only do you long for it, but you are also sending out a request, you are asking for what you want.

And when you long for something, when you focus on it as if your very life depended on it, when burning desire fills your very soul and when you just KNOW that this is going to happen – it is impossible for anything else but success to take place!

When you have a burning desire for something and are ready to stand in faith (not religious faith, but the absolute knowing deep within you, like you know that when you wake up tomorrow there will still be air to breathe – that kind of faith!) you will successfully achieve it then the universe conspires to make it happen.

Suddenly information comes your way, people call you, and doors open.  Unfortunately, our goals do not always go that way because here is what many of us do :

Monday: “My desire is to sell 100 copies of this product by Friday”

Tuesday “Actually did I say 100 I meant 200”

Wednesday “Well I have sold 5 so maybe I should say less than 100”

Thursday “Oh God this stuff never works for me!”

Okay, a slight exaggeration, but you get where I am going with this.

If things do not happen when we think they should, if it takes us 3 weeks instead of 1 to finish something, or if we attempt something once and it doesn’t work we are ready to give up.

The goal posts are changed half way through, we give up because success is taking so long, nothing happens as you think it should, there are reasons and excuses for why things are not getting done, and so on and so forth.

How can we create what we desire if we keep changing the goal posts and get caught up in that kind of mental confusion?

We need to work out what our desire is and then focus on it until it has been achieved.  Let me repeat that. Focus on it until it has been achieved.

Not until the next great thing comes along, not for one week until you have decided it is a complete mess and you just don’t want to do it anymore.

Not until you think it is not worth bothering with because it hasn’t arrived when you were expecting it!

No. This is about focusing on your desire until it has become a reality in your life.

But watch yourself here, because there is a very thin line between flogging a dead horse and never giving up!  How do you know which of the two you are doing?

Well that’s an easy question for me to answer now because you know I have no answer for you, you now know the only person that can answer that question is you :0)

Focus + Desire ( – Distraction) x Support = Success
Okay so you do the math! Discover what you desire, focus on it, limit distractions, gain support and success will be your final result.  Of course life will throw a few obstacles along the way, remember though these “obstacles” are a real blessing because they are supporting your growth and development.

You will either allow what happens to crush you or make you stronger.  Your reaction to these events will be everything.  If you have a true desire to achieve something then nothing will stand in your way.  And again, there is something bigger than other people or events that can stand in the way of your success.  Once more the secret to what stops you, what limits your success is no secret.

Why? Well because it’s you!

If you have a true desire for something but an underlying belief that it is not possible, or a need to sabotage your success then you have just hit your biggest obstacle ever.

Reading self-help books, attending seminars, gathering support, these are all the icing on the cake.  But it’s the cake itself that you need to impact! And again, this is about you going deep within and discovering what you do to ensure you fail – (there is an exercise in the next chapter for this).

Trust me on this one, if you do not have everything you desire in your life right now it is not because the delivery didn’t turn up on time, or people let you down.  It is not because the prototype didn’t work properly or because there wasn’t enough money.

If any area of your life isn’t working it is because deep within you there is a part of you making sure you screw up.

If you have trouble believing that then chances are you will never find out what part of you is doing this.  If you are reading this now and thinking “that’s not me!” then you are in deeper trouble than you know!
There are only two ways that you can uncover why you do what you do. The first is to acknowledge that you do it, and the second is to ask yourself some questions that will help you uncover what you do and/or why you do it. And we cover that next!

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