Did you lie to me?

Trust is a very fragile thing

I think I saw you




Written by Diane Corriette

I dated this guy once, briefly, and years later he wanted to reignite our old relationship. The trouble was I had remained friends with him over the years and I watched as he treated women with less than the respect they deserved. He tells me I was different but who knows. I tend not to go back to what was because I think if it was meant to be it never truly ended. This short poem just illustrates how my mind would go crazy every time his phone rang, he received a message or he told me he was going out. I have a vivid imagination and the last thing I need is mis-trust in a relationship so best not to re-start anything.

For me without trust there is nothing to build on and that is important to me not only in relationships with a partner but with friends too.

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