This free confidence building handbook is a new resource that I have decided to put together since the end of April 2011. As I write chapters I will include them here. The idea is just to keep writing and keep adding more content until it becomes a huge  confidence building resource. Please like and share it with others. Many thanks.

Table Of Free Confidence Building Handbook

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There is no secret to personal growth & building confidence

You kill your self confidence when…

This is a series of blog posts which focus on how you can limit and/or kill your self confidence. Click the link to read each blog pos

01.  Indulge in negative thinking
02.  Accept and live with mediocrity
03.  Don’t set goals
04.  Believing in failure
05.  Think people won’t like you
06.  Lack support
07.  Waste precious life on regrets
08.  Lack self worth and believe you are not good enough
09.  Are impatient with the process
10.  Lack vision and focus

How to be more confident

The first part focuses on the importance of confidence building and looking at what it will take to succeed. Now we are going to more on to some of the things you will need to proactively do if you still want to know how to be more confident.

7 Self Confidence Anchors

In this series of blog posts I focus on seven ways of being that confident women have which you may want to emulate. I called it 7 self confidence anchors that every woman wants

Confidence building techniques

Confidence building exercises


A growing free confidence building handbook

I may change the flow of the chapters, I will definitely be adding chapters and I may even take some away.

You will know when they are done because I will link to each chapter from here to the page – so if there isn’t a click-able link available then the chapter isn’t available yet.
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