Golden girls wanted for third age adventures

Must love foods of all kind

Deep thinkers and man chasers welcome

Loud mouths and negative nellies need not apply

Only 3 slots available

Money an advantage but not necessary

Passion for world travel a must

The ability to listen, laugh and love life essential

Deadline for applications – today.


Golden Girls Wanted

This piece was written in october 2012 and was included in my book The Last Hut and 29 other flash fiction stories – it was changed from a short piece into a story. Then after I edited the book a couple of times I decided this story is much better suited for my second book – Naughty After Forty.

There are so many people alone in the world and it seems crazy to stay that way. I have already decided that I want to get together with a group of other women and live together, eat together and have fun together. Share the costs and have company when I want it but my own space when I don’t want it anymore!

Why live alone and be lonely? This is especially true once the kids are grown up and have left home. At that age we are still young enough to go out and have fun so why spend it alone? Despite how modern and digital the world is now it seems there are more people on their own than ever before – so why not solve that by getting together with a few girl friends just like they did in the 80s sitcom The Golden Girls.

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