Today I have included a personal development video from Tony Robbins that focuses on avoiding procrastination. Even though this video focuses on Martial arts it is still a great lesson for life itself! Procrastination is the killer of dreams.

Have you been hesitating about building self confidence? why are you not following through on your goals?

Have you left that personal development eBook half read? Did you do any of the exercises recommended?

The best way to deal with procrastination is to put it off
Anthony Robbins

You might want to spend time writing in your journal about your reasons for procrastination – I find when I do that something comes up as a solution or an insight.

The need to avoid pain and/or achieve pleasure are the two things that will focus you on building your self confidence. Find out which one it is for you and focus your attention on achieving it. Take on a life coach if that helps because it will really keep you focused on your goal.

The guy mentioned in this video really lived the truth that no matter what happens in our past it does not have to influence or dictate our future.

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