If you want to add a little variety to your journal you will find that using nature in your journal writing will provide you with plenty of new material. To use nature journaling you simply expand on your current journaling which will be all about expressing your thoughts, feelings and ideas and you add any observations and activities from being out in nature.

I can spend hours watching the world go by out in nature and doing this always provides me with writing material to include in my journal. I like to find a spot on a bench in a park and watch nature. If you are not close to a park sit in a coffee shop and observe people. Not quite the same but I am always one to bend the rules a little.
The real way to get prompts for your nature journal is to go off into nature. A park is a great place to start or a walk in a forest, out somewhere with trees, grass and the beauty of Mother Nature. As you walk around focus be observant. You are looking for prompts that will give you something to write about. Who do you meet? What do you say? What are other people doing? Be observant as you walk. I find this a great way to stay in the moment plus the exercise is really good for you! Walk in different areas too, especially if you find you stick to the same route, it is always nice to see new areas.

Spend time listening to the sounds of nature. What can you hear? A dog barking, the birds, the sound of water – these are all sounds that you can listen to and write about. Their effect on you, their contribution to the area you were walking in. Close your eyes for as long as you can and really focus on listening to the wonderful sounds that nature produces.

Take photos as you are out and about. Arranging a long walk in a scenic area and taking photos of what you see as you walk always provides some great journaling material. When you print off your photo do your best to describe the scene. Where you were at the time and what was going on. You can get very creative with photo journaling, especially when the photos are based in nature.

I am a ‘fair weather’ girl who will only risk being out in nature when the sun is shining. You might enough being out in the rain and/or snow too. I am sure the cold and even the weather itself will spark some inspiration and give you something to write about. Writing a nature journal really is a creative way to journal and one that is different from being inside and sat at your desk so take some time to try it out and let me know how you get on with writing out in nature.

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