There are things in life that can make you happy that are subjective.  They are subjective because happiness and what makes us happy is different for everyone.

You might find joy and happiness seeking thrills through rides like roller coasters and bungee jumping.  That thrill for you is torture for me or for anyone with a fear of heights who would never step foot on a roller coaster or ever be brave enough to jump from a bridge suspended by a bungee cord.

Everyone seeks happiness in their own way.  What makes you happy is a natural high that you deserve to seek.  There is nothing wrong with the things that you find joy in.

It is true some people are naturally happy and it is also true that we are ALL naturally happy but some of us have lost our ability to be so need to do a little work at gaining it back.

If you are not a naturally happy person (I never was) you can change the way you think and feel so you are.  The key is to change the way your brain thinks and the things you do. Always remember that happiness and what makes us happy is different for everyone and you can learn to do things on a daily basis to bring up your happiness level which will help you learn to smile more and be a happier person.

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