That’s the question for today….. Have you ever dated someone beneath your worth?

Have you gone out with someone knowing they were not on your level?  Or maybe you dated them thinking they were way above your level and way too good for you? Do you always compare yourself to other people?

Of course if you truly think either way (that someone is beneath you or out of your league) then you have some internal conversations to change. Like the angel and the devil scenario our internal voice can empower or dis empower us and it’s our choice to decide which one wins.

A long time ago I would get very upset when a friend kept comparing me to another life coach that I decided had achieved alot more than I had.  Whenever he mentioned her name I would become instantly annoyed and internally twisted as I secretly hated her.

Then one day after being particular upset my empowering internal voice asked me something.

“What if you could see that she is no better than you are. You both empower people in different ways. So what if you could see that she is no better than you and you are no better than her. “

Then I thought about people I thought I was better than and repeated the same question “what if I could see that I am not better than they are but we are both the same”.

It was at that moment this part of my life transformed.

It was a major shift in me and a major addition to my personal growth. From that moment I have never looked at anyone and thought they were better than I am or that I am better than they are.

From then on I spent my time seeing that within us is our spirit. When I see the spirit in people I see just how wonderfully amazing they are, not based on what they do or what they have but about what’s in their heart.

People are truly easy to love when you can see them from what’s in their heart.

So if you are looking to discover your own greatness and stop comparing yourself to other people I hope you will see this as a major part of your personal growth. Begin to look for the wonderful spirit that is within all of us (no matter how we may behave!) because when you do you will realise that no one is “out of your league” or “not as great as you are” – conversations like that disappear.

Doing this opened me up to really be able to talk to anyone and everyone.  It has also helped me to build some wonderful friendships with people that I would have judged in the past and not even bother to get to know.  So do yourself a favor and open yourself up to connecting with people based on who they are.

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