I had no self confidence throughout my teenage years and twenties. A time that I should have been having fun and seeing the world instead I stayed close to home and didn’t do much. Woke up, went to school (then work), came home and watched TV.

I had no friends and I was amazed I managed to get myself a boyfriend (I clung to him and he become my world – everything he did I did…!)

Want to know how having no confidence affected my life?

Simple things like going out on my own I could never do. I was afraid I would park the car and not know how to find it again.
I only spoke to people if they spoke to me first and because I was so quiet no one spoke to me!
I was always afraid of what people thought about me and what they said about me so I didn’t do anything that will cause gossip!
I judged people all the time. What they looked like, the kind of person they were – just so I could feel better about myself.
I liked what my boyfriend liked, hated what he hated, ate what he liked to eat. Even my first car was the same as his first car.
I had no opinion of my own and if I did have one I was always too scared to voice it.
Eventually I wanted to be me. Live as me, enjoy life as me. My daughters birth prompted me to change because I didn’t want her growing up with no confidence.
It took me a long time to work out how to change. I didn’t like walking into workshops – although as I got stronger I didn’t mind it so much. At the beginning I used audios, CDs, Videos and books.

There is something wonderful about the first time you are able to do something that you couldn’t do in the past. Whether it is walk into a room full of strangers on your own or go to see a movie alone – with confidence life is just truly amazing.

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Now, life is great. I run my own business, I am happy in my own skin and in my own company. I voice my opinion and I do what I want to do and say what I want to say. There is nothing more empowering than living life that way.

So make full use of this blog because everything I have included here is from my own personal experience of living life with no self confidence and transforming that to living a life I truly do love.

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