We watched our parents grow older and as we get older there are certain things that we believe are ‘normal’ parts of ageing.  Putting on weight as our metabolism slows down, illnesses and other health problems occur and we start taking pills and potions for them.

We are not as flexible as we used to be. We might experience things not working as well as they used to and we say things like “I’m getting old!” almost as a joke. The thing is the subconscious mind doesn’t understand our sense of humor and as we speak and think so shall it be.

I have always admired and searched out older women who are doing what they can to remain fit and healthy. In my local paper last week I read about a 50 year old woman from Luton (where I live) who had won a body building competition!

There is also this inspirational woman who is 74 and started getting fit when she was age 56 – Ernestine Shepherd


I am 45 and determined to live a healthy, flexible,  long life – although you wouldn’t believe it the way I am currently not exercising right now (naughty me!) – just recently I have been feeling a little ‘off my game’ as if there is something wrong and I just can’t put my finger on it.

As always I stopped and asked myself what’s wrong and waited for an answer. It came to me last night. I have been talking about losing weight and being healthy for 2 years now. I start and stop and start again but I am no further forward. When am I going to commit to this goal and make it happen?

The truth is my results are being shown in my body right now. I am not committing myself 100% and so why would I expect 100% change in the way I feel or look? With any goal.

Whether you are working towards building self confidence, changing your financial situation or transforming your health and fitness, what you need is the strength and commit to see it through along with the discipline to take part in activities that will help you make it happen.

The truth is I have been trying to win this ‘battle’ with health and fitness mostly alone and I wasn’t sure what to do for the best or how to do it. So I asked for an insight or some help. As always when you ask the Universe (God) for help you will always receive an answer if you remain open to receiving on.

As I logged on to Facebook first thing this morning I saw a photograph that had been shared of a woman who is 60 and looks amazing. Her name is Lillian Muller, she is from Oslo and she shares her map to radiant health, longevity and beauty at her website.

There are very short videos on her site that are worth watching just to get an idea of what she does to remain healthy which includes following a vegan raw food diet, meditation/spirituality, regular exercise.

Being healthy really is simple. That is all it takes.  The problem is that it isn’t always easy – especially when we are hooked on carbs like pizza and other junk foods.

The great news is sticking to exercise really can change our life. All we need to do is stick with it I guess and watching this convinced me that I should never, ever give up on my dream to be 100% healthy and fit.

We all owe it to our body to feed it nourishing food and to move it often because even when you have given up. Even when you think your body is too far gone to do something about it that video shows it is NEVER too late…. and if you never try you’ll never know…

Two other older women who look fantastic thanks to yoga are Swoosie Kurtz who plays Molly’s mom in Mike & Molly and Holland Taylor who plays Evelyn Harper in Two and A Half Men. They were both born early 1940 and they look amazing. On their respective shows they are both shown taking part in yoga.

Let’s Redefine Aging

For those of us who are in our 30s and 40s we have a unique opportunity to reframe how we see growing old. It doesn’t have to be something to fear and worry about if you stay healthy, eat well, exercise often and meditate to help yourself through stress.

We have an opportunity to inspire and guide our daughters towards a different kind of older age. One where taking medicines to stay well does not have to be a part of our life.

Right now my mum takes pills to help her counter-act the fact that she takes so many pills! Its crazy and it is my intention to stay drug free and as natural as possible for as long as possible – God willing forever!

Today, after a visit to my Doctor I got the news that my cholesterol is normal, my blood pressure is normal, my liver and kidney function is normal. Only my BMI is high as I am carrying more weight than I need to be right now!

Also, my adrenal gland which controls our metabolism is borderline low but not too low.  I am at a 5% risk of having heart disease/stroke in the next 10 years (if you are over 20% they are concerned) and simply losing weight and increasing my exercise will help me reduce that 5% to something much less.

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